Super Strings

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Daniel and Daisy rehearsing with the group in Belmont Hut.

For orchestral string players aged 12 – 14 of between grades 4- 5+ standard. Run by Deborah Hamilton. Deborah composes many of the pieces especially for the group which enables each member to have a suitably challenging part within the ensemble.

Playing in a small group requires special skills, both musical and social, that differ from the skills required for playing as a soloist or in a large group or orchestra. Listening, awareness, responsiveness and flexibility are all things which can be talked about in lessons but learned so quickly through chamber music experience.

Members of Super Strings are encouraged to develop as a group through active discussions on musical phrases, technical ideas, repertoire suggestions and creative ideas for the development of the ensemble.



“Imogen has been coming to your group for 6-7 years and she has really enjoyed every minute of it; all the classes, coffee mornings and concerts. She has thrived in the very patient and nurturing environment that you and your teachers have provided and I thank you so much for all your hard work that Imogen has benefited from over the years.”


“George will be leaving Exeter Young Strings at the end of this term because he’s starting at Colyton in September and he won’t get back in time.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his time with Super Strings and I’d like to thank you and Deborah for the excellent work that you do.  I’m glad that Matilda has rejoined the group because it means we will still be connected to this wonderful organisation.”