Alison Jones – BA (Hons)

Alison is a violin teacher.

My thoughts about teaching music

I feel that playing music should be fun and that playing with others can be enjoyed at every level – from complete beginners onwards. I like to include an element of improvisation from the earliest stage of learning in order to build on childrens’ natural creativity. I generally feel that I have as much to learn as anyone else in the room!

Musical Experience

I began playing the violin when I was in Junior school, played in the Merseyside Youth Orchestra. I did a music degree at Nottingham University and a year long music workshop training course at Musicworks in Stockwell. Alongside private teaching I have run music workshops in a variety of settings, schools, centre for adults with learning disabilities, youth clubs, nurseries.

I have always enjoyed playing a variety of musical styles and toured the world for six years with The Barely Works, a folk band that enjoyed mixing up the genres at every opportunity! Now I play and write music for Spin2 and we perform regular gigs around Devon.