Carina Vince

Carina teaches the violin for beginners to Grade 8

My thoughts about teaching music

I believe that the secret to a successful violinist is to be taught a sound technique from the start. I find this to be fun and enjoyable for my pupils who find satisfaction in progressing quickly. I think this should be in conjunction with group playing from the beginning as this gives the student the opportunity to listen to others and to the music they are all producing, as well as having fun with friends. This is why I was so pleased to find Exeter Young Strings, as they promote group playing from the start, which alongside my individual lessons will produce some technically accomplished and musical young string players.

Musical Experience

I started playing the violin when I was 7, at my primary school in Hertfordshire, where I grew up. I loved playing whenever I could and had a very enthusiastic Grandmother who often accompanied me on the piano. I progressed quite quickly and took Grade 5 in my first year at secondary school. I was lucky to be taught extremely well and this enabled me to continue to progress and I passed Grade 8 when I was 15. I had always played in orchestras and by the age of 15, I was proud to be the leader of the Hertfordshire County Youth Orchestra. I got a place to study at The Royal Academy of Music when I was 16 and I graduated from there when I was 22 and went on to Trinity College London where I did 2 years of post-graduate study.

I continued to live and work in the south-east until 2008, where I was a free-lance player and a teacher for Hertfordshire Music Service as well as at St. Albans School. I also taught privately and have had pupils from age 6 – 60 something. Several of my pupils have reached Grade 8. I am pleased and proud to be able to give so many people the benefit of my good musical training. When I moved to Exeter in 2008, I was very lucky to become associated with Exeter Young Strings, where I can continue to teach and give the joy of playing the violin to others.

Tel. 07847 599967