Exeter Young Strings

Please note that we are no longer in The Mint on Wednesdays but are running the following groups.

Mini Music Makers for 4 to 6 year olds – Saturdays 2.00 – 3.00

Poco-a-Poco for beginners to grade 2 – Saturdays 3.15 – 4.30

Scherzando for grades 2 – 4+ Please contact for further details

Online grade 5 theory lesson – fortnightly on Mondays

Higher grade quartets and trios run by demand.

Exeter Young Strings is a music organisation for children and teenagers aged 4 – 19 dedicated to the promotion of string playing in small chamber groups and quartets. We are also very keen for young pianists to join us!

“We are so glad to have discovered the “Mini Music Makers“. My only regret is that I was never taught music in this way when I learnt as a child. I feel these classes offer the basis to true musicianship in the most natural and fun way. My daughter absolutely loves it, and as a parent it is exciting to watch her develop in her love of music. ”  A parents comments.

One of our “Lockdown” recordings from November 2020!

Members of EYS in action at our 10th anniversary concert!!


“was very impressed with the Exeter Young Strings 10th anniversary concert. It’s amazing to see the progression from fidgety sol fa signing (and using tiny violins as light sabres) to a really accomplished string quartet that made tears of pleasure come to my eyes.” Natalie Ballantyne

Pursue your love of music with us, develop your musical potential, learn true musicianship.

Specialist coaching from experienced strings and piano teachers.

Join EYS – learn to play, make friends, be challenged!

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