Mini Music Makers and Poco-a-Poco

The Mini Music Makers classes for 4 to 6 year olds.

“My daughter loves the freedom and expression afforded by her Mini Music sessions. It is playful enough that she can enjoy it after a day at school.” Feedback from a  parent.

In Mini Music Makers children take part in a fortnightly group lesson which comprises movement games and musical stories which have a very positive and dynamic effect on children’s music-making and their understanding of music in general. By exploring music through movement children gain a physical experience of what the music feels like. They work on their own, in pairs and with others in the class to explore basic musical concepts such as pulse, notation, bar time and phrasing but in a creative and fun environment.   

The children also learn a variety of skills that will be helpful to them when they learn to play an instrument.  Things such as learning about how to use the body effectively, being inventive and creative, learning to respond by listening and by watching, being able to work on their own as well as part of a group, thinking quickly, being well-coordinated – all critical skills to being a good musician. 

Towards the end of the course violins and cellos are introduced. As the children will already be familiar with pitch and rhythm moving onto the instruments just becomes a natural progression. Even if the children don’t choose to play these instruments the skills they will have learnt we be of great benefit for any instrument they choose.

Poco-a-Poco follows on from the Mini Music Makers and meets monthly. Children will continues to develop their musicianship  as well as group playing. This group is not intended to teach the instruments so all members should have started one to one instrumental lessons in order to join.  It is for beginner to grade 2 orchestral string players.

Perhaps the greatest joy of learning an instrument, at all stages, is the ability to play together with others. We encourage even at very beginner levels that students join in one of our small ensembles.