Mini Music Makers

“Mini Music Makers” classes for 4 to 6 year olds. Run by Jaqueline Vann  Deputy Director of Studies at Dalcroze UK

In Mini Music Makers children take part in a weekly class lesson which comprises movement games and musical stories which have a very positive and dynamic effect on children’s music-making and their understanding of music in general. By exploring music through movement children gain a physical experience of what the music feels like. They work on their own, in pairs and with others in the class to explore basic musical concepts such as pulse, notation, bar time and phrasing but in a creative and fun environment.   

The children also learn a variety of skills that will be helpful to them when they learn to play an instrument.  Things such as learning about how to use the body effectively, being inventive and creative, learning to respond by listening and by watching, being able to work on their own as well as part of a group, thinking quickly, being well-coordinated – all critical skills to being a good musician.

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