Entry requirements

Mini Music Makers: this is for children who are 4-6 years old. They don’t need any prior musical experience or to be playing an instrument.

Chamber groups: We don’t formally audition for the groups, but if you are new to us then we will either listen to you play so that we can select the best group for you or offer a free try out on 1 or 2 of our groups.

It is best to join a group at the beginning of a term, although you can join at any point. However if it is just before an event you may be asked to wait until after the event. This is because other members of the group will have been rehearsing for some weeks and joining just before a concert could be stressful for new members because we don’t always practise all concert pieces every week and so you are likely to have missed some pieces altogether.

An Instrument: Obviously you will need an appropriate instrument – there are small versions of the different instruments available. For example 1/10th size cellos are suitable for really small children. Anyway, if in doubt come and talk to us first. Small instruments can be rented, which might be a lot more efficient than out right purchase, alternatively we do have some instruments of our own which we loan.


In order to maintain standards and ensure the viability of finely-balanced small ensembles, membership of an EYS chamber group includes a commitment to give scheduled EYS events including rehearsals a priority in your diary and to attend the majority of these.


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