First of all, we are really committed to the principle that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to play, no matter what their financial position. Therefore we have a fund & loan instruments to help children from low-income backgrounds. Please don’t be put off if things are tight – come and talk to us first.

Individual tuition:

These fees are paid direct to your teacher. You can expect to pay somewhere between £24 and £35 per hour – the exact amount depends upon your teacher’s experience level and qualifications. The recommended hourly rates for EYS teachers are:

Student teachers with less than a year of one-to-one teaching experience: £18-22

Teachers with between one and five years of one-to-one teaching experience: £22-26

Teachers with over five years of teaching experience: £24-28

Teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience: £26 – 32

Our student teachers are all CRB checked and have a minimum of grade 8 on the relevant instrument before they start teaching. In addition we have a very active staff development programme in which all teachers take part.

Musicianship and Chamber groups: the fees are for the whole term and are due one week before the first session of each term:

Mini Music Makers and all chamber groups: 

£55 per term (£135 for the year paid in advance)

Theory: £50 per term

Obligato: details to be confirmed

NB If you decide not to continue we do need to be given at least three weeks notice of your cancellation before the first rehearsal of each term.  A £20 fee will be charged for late cancellation. No refund is given for stopping part way through a term.


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