For SALE Primavera Viola, 12 Inch


3/4 size cello for sale

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3/4 Cello For Sale
Am selling my son’s 3/4 size Stentor Conservatoire Cello  with bow and Ritter case and black cello stand. It has a rich tone and has got him to grade 6 and helped him win the District Final of the Rotary competition. He now needs a full-size hence the reason for selling it. £650


melanie mcwilliams <>;


Added 25/2/15


18 month old HALF size cello for sale.

I bought a new ALFRED STINGL 1/2 size cello by Hofnes Model As-060-01/2 J0 907-07005 about 18 months ago in Bristol for my daughter. It comes in a hard case so the cello has no marks on it.

Unfortunately she grew faster than we thought!

Contact Emma 07516 755 425 or 01404 412 54 (Honiton, Exeter, Devon)

(Posted December 2014)