Members achievements for the Autumn term 2018

Here are some of members recent achievements. We are sure there are many others and would love to hear of them!

Congratulations to:

Gabriela Feldpausch for passing grade 1 cello with merit.

Nadia Thomas for passing grade 2 theory with merit.

Well done to all the cellists who took part in the scale challenge and raised a further £130 for Young Minds bringing our total donated for the year to £310.



Members achievements for the Summer term 2018

Here are just a few of our members achievements for the summer 2018. Please let me know of your achievements so they can be added!

Congratulations to:

Imogen Mirfin for doing well in your cello Prep Test and achieving some lovely positive comments on your certificate.

Ginevra Dobson for passing grade 1 piano and achieving a distinction for grade 2 violin

Lowena Tabor for passing grade 7 cello!

We also like to acknowledge achievements other than exams.

Well done to Robin Buckfield for making good use of you violin skills and bringing music to others by performing to a large audience at a young carers event over the summer.


Zoe Cole

A big congratulations to Zoe Cole who has been successful in gaining a place playing viola in the National Children’s Orchestra (NCO) Training Orchestra for under 9 year olds and South West Regional Orchestra for 2018. Really well done Zoe!!