Photographs by Cecil Hatfield – Coffee morning summer 2013

These photographs “Cecil’s Album” were taken at our last coffee morning and can be purchased at the following prices. If you would like a copy please contact Cecil directly at He has provided me with the following regarding printing and size.

They would be printed  on A4 sheet, Premium glossy or Semi glossy for £ 5.00 a sheet.

That will give for example 1 @ 8×10″, 2 @ 7×5″ or 1 @ 4×6″ with 6 @ 2×3″.

Regarding distracting items in the background. There are two ways to deal with that, one is to reduce the clarity. This is a relatively straight forward operation and would be included in the price. If I have to remove it in its entirety and introduce another background I would like to discuss with whomever may want it done, but I will say £10.00 per person on an image. It could easily take me two hours to do it.”Cecil's Contact Sheet